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by: Cynthia Revels

Ayizan appears to live the life of a normal teenager, but she hides a tremendous secret: she is human and extraterrestrial.

Ayizan’s older sister–whom she’s never met–has been watching Zan from her home planet for over a year now, using her tarot cards. But when Zan’s impetuous behavior compromises the safety of other extraterrestrial inhabitants of Earth, the older sibling must intervene. Unable to put her distrust for her sister aside, Mercedes plots to prevent Zan from completing her Immersion, a rite of passage, controlled by the ancient loa, or spirits of the voodoo culture. As the sisters’ complex relationship changes over time, they struggle to find common ground and understand each other while working for the good of the galaxy.

In this science fiction novel, two sisters of extraterrestrial origin must learn to work together to maintain the intergalactic balance between order and chaos.


"Interesting book. Great story!"  — David Cech, Amazon customer


I watch as the sky slowly becomes riddled with stars, some boasting a brilliant pageantry of multicolored gases creating an interstellar dance unlike any I've seen anywhere in the reaches of the universe.
I turn and face to the left. Nothing. Then the right, Darkness. I slowly reach my left hand to find the farthest reaches of my confines, but there seems to be none besides the ground upon which I lie.
From the time since I became lost in the void until now, I've been certain of nothing, so I walk into the light and find myself being sucked uncontrollably into another raging vortex.


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