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My first science fiction/fantasy novel, Immersion, will be represented by the Combined Book Exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany this month. But, i’m preparing to move on to a new adventure in writing a trans realistic science fiction novel. It’s almost ironic that Immersion has been to more countries than I have. It also travelled to New York in June and Toronto in September.

How Transrealism Works

For those not familiar with how transrealism works, imagine science fiction in a familiar setting. The plot evolves as the story comes to life around you and you are unsuspecting. The characters are all contemporary villains and heroes, some familiar while others are unknown.The settings are also familiar, and the headlines of the day add to the intrigue.

Amidst the normalcy, as every-day life and situations arise and evolve, the characters drive the plot forward. That is how Immersion came to life. There was no formal outline, or written character description, setting, or plot development. Once the story took hold, the characters took over in determining their own fates. In this sense, I tend to be an intuitive writer. I am also a very visual writer, because I watch each scene play out in my imagination as I write the novel.

But my next novella will be different from Immersion because the setting will be familiar. Instead of alien worlds with unusual life forms, like the loa and the Ancients in Immersion, the characters could be your neighbor, or even your best friend. And, the extraordinary becomes ordinary.  Or maybe the ordinary will evolve over time into the extraordinary.

What’s Next

This blogspot will explore the evolution of the human race on earth, and our position in this vast universe in which we all must live. We will look into our past and extrapolate into our future. With the help of the vast resources available online, I can write about my journey into transrealism in a manner that will, hopefully, bring science fiction closer to home. I will be able to create a famiiar world ensconced in intrigue, action, and extraordinay drama.

I will forego the dystopic and fantastic world of Zombies, werewolves, and vampires. Instead, we will explore the possibilities. Possibilities such as ancient aliens, conscious life after death, and the metaphysical and supernatural. But, in a trans realistic world, we will find ourselves surrounded by our history. The very same history that brought us to where we are today, History that molds each of us, and like a bird pushing her fledgeling out of the nest, thrusts us into worlds of our own imagination.


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