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When I click on the link to C-SPAN, I am a little overwhelmed by the chaos resulting from this president’s management strategies. His lack of management skills are reflected in the number of articles surrounding recent decisions involving immigration, the presidential staff, talks of collusion inside the White House, and much more. Everything and anything you want to know about the White House and the Capitol is available in black and white in real time.

So, when I compare that to the engagements I have had on my social media and my website, I’m learning how truly concerned the rest of the world is about what is going on in this country. Will we find order amidst the chaos? It reminded me that chaos is as necessary as is order. Our solar system was born out of chaos. Our country out of revolution. Research is now suggesting that the Big Bang might have been anything but chaotic. My novel, Immersion, asks a new version of an old question; does order come from chaos or chaos from order

Like our universe, across the globe things are changing quickly. There has been a rise in populism and tribalism. Neither philosophies of governing embrace inclusion because of the threats that come from inviting strangers into to one’s protected world. Strangers that could upset the established norm. We have those who support efforts for fighting global warming and those who don’t believe it exists. We have people representing different spiritual beliefs at times fighting one another and at other times coming together to support each other. And every country seems to have its eyes on the United States.

Why? Because, until now, our country has represented almost everything that is right about inclusion. We are a country of immigrants. The question that begs to be answered is “will Americans stand by while refugees of war are turned away, and hardworking undocumented citizens are torn from their families under stricter deportation laws”? One Muslim student from Yemen told me today, “If they build a wall between here and Mexico, we will all come together to tear it down.”

Better yet, how many of you wonder why we are becoming so divided when it’s more important than ever that we come together? Will it take a crisis, like the one in Immersion where the galaxy is on the brink of possible destruction because of alliances one sister has made with the Order of Chaos? Sound familiar? As intelligent, sentient inhabitants of our universe, we must accept that humans are placed at risk from any number of extraterrestrial threats daily. Consequently, instead of fighting one another, we should learn to work together towards ensuring a common cause, the survival of our species.

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