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Extraterrestrials, as we have fondly and collectively referred to beings with origins outside of our planet Earth or the solar system, have enjoyed continuous resurgence in the imagination and curiosity of humans. The extraterrestrials we are referring to here are not the simple alien life forms like that of our Earth-based bacteria, fungi or plants. These alien beings are the intelligent ones – they may possess even more advanced technologies than ours, and may already have the knowledge on how to harness the energies of their stars. This type of extraterrestrials is also the stuff of sci-fi movies and literature. These intelligent beings from another planet are what fascinates UFO enthusiasts, alien intelligent life believers and UFO/alien conspiracy theorists.

There are many of us who believe that we are not alone in this vast, nearly infinite universe. Some believe that somewhere in the deep recesses of space lie other civilizations other than ours that may be akin to our current societal state or probably more advanced. The age of the universe is currently measured by our current technology to be at least 13 billion years old: a measurement which some scientists and researchers of intelligent alien life forms find ambiguous. The universe could be older than we think, and other extraterrestrial civilizations may have already visited Earth at the time of its infancy and early development.

Researchers and scientists who support intelligent extraterrestrial life present several possible evidences of alien visitation and influence from a long time ago. For one, the famous megalithic sites built in ancient times are somewhat a mystery for several of us. Some of these massive structures are comparable to our modern skyscrapers in height and have complex architecture and masonry that could not have been possible in ancient technology. Examples of these megaliths are Giza pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Moai of Easter Island and Stonehenge of England. Proponents of alien visitation argue that such ancient megastructures could not have been built with the technical abilities and tools of the people of those times. They further argue that many of these structures could not be duplicated even today. The large size of the materials, the precision of the workmanship and the distance covered in transporting the large materials can leave open the question about who built these structures.

The theory of alien visitation and influence is very pervasive that even materials of religious value have been considered as possible evidence of alien technology. Examples include the burning wheel in Ezekiel’s vision and the “manna machine” in the Ark of the Covenant. The Jewish Zohar writings and description of the “manna machine” astonishingly describes the modern-day chlorella algae processing. Modern engineers such as George Sassoon and Martin Riches have reconstructed the manna machine using the interpreted details given in the Zohar. How such modern technology ended up in the ancient biblical times is also a subject of debate and verification.

Ancient civilizations may have once come into contact with intelligent extraterrestrials and interacted or learned from them. Ancient Egyptians, early Native Americans, ancient Nazca people and the Dogon people are but a few of the many early tribes that purportedly show evidence of alien visitation in their ancient culture. The ancient Nazca people drew the “Nazca lines”, huge ground drawings up in the high arid plateaus of Peru. These are thought to be runways for alien spacecraft which were made by ancient Nazca people for possible visits in the future. Also of note are the Dogon people of Africa. They have baffled alien researchers and astronomers about their 3,000-year old knowledge of the Sirius star system, about it being a binary star system instead of composed of a single star. The white dwarf companion star of Sirius A, called Sirius B, is invisible to the unaided eye, yet the Dogon people have already acquired knowledge that there are two stars in the Sirius star system. The Dogon people also claimed of another star in the system aside from the aforementioned two, but the probability of a third star is quite low as of recent study by astronomers. Still, this possibility can’t be fully eliminated yet. The Dogon people also claim that they made contact with the Sirians, or the “snake people”, from the Sirius star system; they also believe that a future return visit from Sirians is imminent.

There are many mysteries around us that need explanation. Sometimes, when we can’t find the explanation anywhere here on Earth, then it’s time to look up at the skies. The galaxy we live in is just part of a dynamic neighborhood of millions of galaxies and more numerous star systems. With numbers that high, the possibility that extraterrestrials from Pleiades or Sirius star systems have visited us at one point in time cannot be totally ignored. We just have to be open to such possibilities, no matter how remote. The universe is full of mysteries, and we not yet be at the tip of the iceberg. The universe is vast…explore!

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