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by: Cynthia Revels

Ayizan appears to live the life of a normal teenager, but she hides a tremendous secret: she is human and extraterrestrial.


"Interesting book. Great story!"  — David Cech, Amazon customer

Cynthia Revels

Cynthia Revels is a native of Denver, Colorado, where she is a member of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop. She relocated to Detroit, Michigan and soon became a member of the Black Science Fiction Society. Much of her career has been spent as a technical consultant for major telecommunications providers. She recently changed careers and has been teaching instructional technology to grades kindergarten through twelve for the past seven years


NASA’s Quest for Habitable Planets

Habitable Planets Orbiting TRAPPIST-1 - NASA, 2016 Thanks to advances in technology, scientists are finding more new habitable planets than ever before. And, they are finding these planets at a pace we novices might find astounding. Because of the introduction of many...

Writing Trans Realistic Science Fiction

My first science fiction/fantasy novel, Immersion, will be represented by the Combined Book Exhibit in Frankfurt, Germany this month. But, i'm preparing to move on to a new adventure in writing a trans realistic science fiction novel. It's almost ironic that Immersion...

Chaos Before Order?

When I click on the link to C-SPAN, I am a little overwhelmed by the chaos resulting from this president’s management strategies. His lack of management skills are reflected in the number of articles surrounding recent decisions involving immigration, the presidential...

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